Dave Dinkel's "Loan Payoff Calculator"      
Cells that are "Yellow" must be filled in, all other cells are LOCKED      
    (%) Interest Rate on Principal Loan         
For a "Points" or "Flat Fee" Charge, use either one but not both at the same time.      
    Points Charged When Loan is PAID OFF          
    Enter a "Flat Fee" amount if  charged instead of points      
    Amount of the Principal Loan              
    Starting Date of Principal Loan            
    Ending Date of Principal Loan            
Total Days Between Dates for Calculations      
Total Interest Due on Principal at Closing       
Per Deim (Daily) Rate      
Total Interest and Points Due at Closing       
Total Principal, Interest and Points to be Repaid at Closing      
The following is ONLY for Estimating Monthly Expenses      
    Interest Due Monthly              
    Per Deim Daily Rate assumes 30 Days/Month         
USE ONLY FOR Estimating Daily/Monthly Expenses      
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