No longer do 30, 60, 90 or 120 day deed restrictions have to stop you from buying and selling properties. 


No longer do you have to have any market risk or even use your own funding to close deed-restricted properties.


Now you will discover the techniques that professional investors and closing attorneys have legally been using for years to close deed-restricted properties directly with end-buyers while avoiding these onerous legal restrictions!


Discover the Solution of How to Legally Overcome Lenders’ Deed Restrictions


“You no longer have to let great deals go by because you don’t have money to buy and hold those REOs or short sales until you can sell them 30, 60, 90 or 120 days later because of deed restrictions – here is the solution!”


Dear Investor,


The opportunity for real estate investors to make tons of money for bank-owned (REO) properties and short sales has never been greater in the last 40+ years. 


But many investors get stalled or completely stopped by the lenders’ deed restrictions.  These unreasonable contract requirements force the investor/buyer to hold a property he purchased from 30 to 120 days – essentially requiring he have all cash to close on the purchase of the property. 


Then he has to take an undue market risk by holding the property while waiting for an end-buyer.  These restrictions are especially painful to investors who are trying to complete deals with no money and no credit!


Hard money lenders will seldom lend money for these properties because of clouded titles, deed conveyances that are problem pass-throughs, over-looked title issues by lenders’ closing agents or breaks in the chain of title.  If they will finance REOs they will likely not be in the business very long or they will also require the investor to put a good chunk of his own money into the deal. 


These unreasonable deed restrictions virtually eliminate worthy investors who are just starting and don’t have big chunks of cash – yet!  Ultimately only the pro-investors who have the money or know how to avoid these restrictions get these juicy deals!


Shortly you will be able to access seven (7) legal solutions being used by professional investors and attorneys - each and every day throughout the country!


The purpose of this E-course is for the reader to discover how to legally overcome onerous deed restrictions so he can get back to doing deals and reselling them as soon as he closes on REOs and short sales – legally and ethically.


While some of the major mortgage insurers have dropped their deed restrictions (“flipping” restrictions) that require investors to hold a property for a certain number of days, a few of the commercial banks have made deed restrictions a major concern for many investors. 


If you ask banks why they love deed restrictions, they explain it reduces fraud and collusion between investors and Realtors® and stabilizes the market.  In fact, lenders are likely more concerned with saving face because investors are buying and reselling the same properties the banks’ listing agents couldn’t. 


Even though the banks need investors to take their toxic inventory, they seem to seek revenge one last time by allowing only the largest investors to do these deals.  It is time for the average  investor to wrestle back control of doing deals without bank interference.


Whatever the real reason for the deed restrictions, they have helped keep a cap on selling properties in the areas that need the most help.  If the issue is excessive fraud by agents, the banks should simply put all the properties on a live auction where the public has access or sell these properties directly to the public and allow the buyers to put their own properties on the website.   


Currently, where Realtors® have to list the properties on some of the auction sites, the listing broker has a final “OK” power to allow the listing which defeats the purpose of the independent listing.


As investors, we have to make deals happen so legally overcoming these deed restrictions is a primary concern to both beginning and professional investors.


In this E-course are possibly some of the biggest secrets in the real estate industry.   These are the real-world solutions that professional investors and closing agents have been using for years to avoid deed restrictions.  Now they are available to you!


To your limitless success,


Here is a sampling of what comes in

this E-course-



1.         The original slide presentation (PFD format with 40 pages of material) from a one hour+ detailed presentation that I did to 290+ investors, many of whom were attorneys.  I explained the “ins and outs” of  specific techniques to legally overcome lenders’ onerous deed restrictions.  These are some of the best kept secrets of successful investors.


“Seven Legal Methods Investors Commonly Use to Overcome Deed Restrictions” of legally complying with REO Bank Addendums or Short Sale Approval Letters that allow you to have deals close the same day as the seller closes.  This is the “A – B” and the “B – C” sides of the transaction.  These methods eliminate your need for borrowing closing funds and avoid what were formerly “Deal-Killer” deed restrictions. 


These methods also allow you to “lock-in” your end-buyer and not have to borrow hard money or worry about a vacant property during the 30 to120 days deed restricted period that is then prime for vandalism or have to wait to start marketing for a buyer.



2.  The actual live one-hour video presentation of my going over the material in the slide presentation which contains additional info that wasn’t presented on the slide presentation and gives an overview of our experiences in using these Deed Restriction Buster techniques.


3.     Samples of documents that have been used for the actual closings as described in the E-Course.  These documents need to be approved by a local attorney to comply with any state statutes - if there even are any. 


     Your closing agent or closing attorney may want to incorporate more than one of the Seven Methods that are mentioned in the E-course into his own “customized” solution to your deed restriction deal(s).


     It appears that the largest number of buyers of this E-course are real estate closing attorneys looking to add “arrows” to their quivers of ideas to get deals closed.  We have also seen lenders buying the material for their attorneys to review but they are in for a surprise!  Closing agents only get paid when they close deals, so you now have access to powerful ideas that can immediately broaden their business!


4.  Additional Bonuses for ordering now –

     see below!



As a buyer of an REO or Short Sale, NEVER believe a closing agent or closing attorney who tells you that you don’t have to worry about the selling bank finding out that you flipped the property during the deed restriction period!


This should be considered as malpractice or at least malfeasance but you could be the one who may pay dearly for it.


The banks’ have a Fraud Division that specifically reviews re-sales with the intent of going after investors who violate their deed restrictions using fraudulent conversion techniques.  Don’t get caught in this potential trap – do it right to start and you’ll be able to sleep at night.



For the first time ever, you will have proven methods of doing deals and not violating lenders’ onerous deed restrictions.


These same methods will also allow you to do deals with no money, no credit and no risk for deals that don’t contain deed restrictions.


     If you are thinking that one of these methods is an “Assignment of Contract”, FORGET IT!  Banks do not allow Assignment of Contract clauses for forms with REOs or Short Sales… 


     By accident we had an Assignment of Contract get accepted on a short sale once but this was in hundreds of short sales we have worked on.  Frankly, it was a mistake by the Loss Mitigation Representative at the lender.  He was so intent on the Net Sheet bottom line that he didn’t look closely at the contract the homeowner (seller) signed.  His Approval Letter did not contain an anti-Assignment clause so we informed him of the situation and assigned the contract with his approval.


     Don’t plan on getting lucky in hopes of getting a deal completed – go and get any deal you want and laugh at the deed restrictions that STOP other investors. You’ll be able to use these methods that will allow you to make thousands of dollars on every deal that were likely impossible to do before – so what are you waiting for? 


     You have nothing to lose by investing in the methods that likely have been used to close tens of thousands for deals while the lenders had no idea it was even happening.  Additionally, you’ll be able to use some of these same methods on your regular deals and not have to put up any money, credit or take any market risk!


For taking charge of your destiny and ordering now, I have included the following Bonuses:




BONUS #1: (Value $97)


My Live Educational Hour Slide Presentation entitled “How to Overcome Realtors® Resistance to Submitting Your Offers.” This material (38+ pages in PDF format) was presented to a live audience of over 290 investors and Realtors®.  



     The material goes straight to the heart of the problems in the industry, typical issues with agents and ways to overcome these “glitches” in your investing career. 


    Now is the time to discover how to STOP the agents from dominating your deals and exactly what to expect them to say to you - with your answers!


BONUS #2: (Value $127)


Tired of having Realtors® treat you like a low-life because you’re an investor? 

Here is the actual live one-hour video presentation and elaboration of the slide presentation I made.  These are some of the ways to take back control and get more deals – and NOT by kissing up to agents.  This presentation is jam-packed with techniques and real-world experience that can change your investing career.


This is the actual video of the above presentation and includes more material than shown on just the slide presentation.


BONUS #3: (Value $97)


This is the text that revolutionized the REO industry because it examines in-depth, the 60 Most Frequently Asked Questions About getting REO deals. 


This info-packed, 115 pages in PDF format will tell it like it is and why you may be “shooting yourself in the foot" using traditional methods of trying to buy REOs.


It pulls no punches and has drawn accolades from every corner of the investor community and criticism from banks’ Asset Managers and REO brokers because they don’t want you to know the truth about how the REO industry functions.



BONUS #4: (Value $149)


        My Educational Hour Slide Presentation entitled “18 Ways to Buy Properties With No Money, No Credit and No Market Risk.”  This material (40 pages in PDF format) has been presented to thousands of investors and Realtors® over the past few years.  It contains the “ins and outs” of doing deals that traditionally required money so most beginning investors had to pass on them – No Longer!



TOTAL VALUE of Bonuses:  $470






What is this material really worth?


In the “smallest” sense, if you have “Private Money” loaned at only 6% and no closing points, the difference would be –

$75,000 x 6% x (60 + 15 days) = $924.66


In the “larger” sense, if you have to borrow hard money to do a deal and then wait 60 days to sign a contract to re-sell it and another 15 days to close with a cash buyer, your hard money costs could be –

$75,000 x 15% x (60 +15 days) = $2,311.64 PLUS closing costs of 3 points = $2,250 for a Grand Total of $4,561.64!


However, using the legal methods in this material, your costs for the above money part of the transactions should be $0.00.


Even if you have money to buy and hold, “Why would you?” when you can use OPM (Other People’s Money)!

In the “larger” sense, your loss by not using these methods will come from having to pass on a single deal, perhaps with an expected profit of just $10,000.  What if you have to pass on two, ten or more?  The lost profits can be staggering – but they don’t have to be lost at all…  You have a choice!


Either way, these costs or lost deals could be entirely eliminated. How easy is it to find hard money or Private Money?  If it’s easy for you, use this money elsewhere in investing to make money – buying and closing with your money, or borrowed money, is the least financially rewarding method of real estate investing!


Now you can discover ways to use your buyer’s money every time you have to double close or to avoid a deed restriction to make a deal happen!


How much would it be worth to you to legally use your Buyer’s money every time you close a deal?  Many investors would say “Priceless!” and so should you.


If you ask an attorney about these methods his answer may be “It can’t be done!”  However, these techniques are being used possibly THOUSANDS of times every month by closing agents and attorneys to close deals legally using the end-buyers’ money.  Find another attorney who does real estate closings and is a pro in the business.



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Summary of what you get:


E-course Materials



The original slide Presentation on Seven Legal Methods Investors Commonly Use to Avoid Deed Restrictions(PFD format with 40 pages of hard-hitting, deal-closing material).


The live one-hour video presentation of the above slide presentation which contains additional insights and educational material.


Samples of documents that have been used - these documents should be approved or re-drafted by a local closing attorney who will be doing your closings.

What have been called the seven “Most Useful” Documents and clauses an investor needs!”


Methodology of Beneficial Interest Transfer

Assignment of Beneficial Interest (Land Trust)

Assignment of Contract

Certificate of Appointment of Successor Trustee

Certificate of Resignation of Trustee

Clause to Keep Escrow Deposit

Partnership Agreement




“Bonuses for Acting Now”


My Educational Hour Slide Presentation entitled “How to Overcome Realtors’® Resistance to Submitting Your Offers” (39 pages in PDF format)


The live one-hour video presentation of the above slide presentation which contains additional insights and educational material.


My Educational Hour Slide Presentation entitled “18 Ways to Buy Properties With No Money, No Credit and No Market Risk.”  This material (40 pages in PDF format) has been presented to thousands of investors and Realtors® over the past few years. 


The text that revolutionized the REO industry that’s examines in-depth, “Crushing the REO Market.” 

This info-packed, 115 pages in PDF format has helped some readers go and get a deal in a few days – just from the info it contains!




Your Actual Investment Is Just




Get your Personal Copy Here!


Still not sure?


I can’t say much else except that if you don’t invest in this E-course, you will be missing one of the best career-changing E-courses ever made available to real estate investors.  You still have to do the work to get deals, but you’ll never have to be intimidated by Realtors® or closing agents who tell you that you can’t avoid a deed restriction.


Myself, my partners, my associates and my students and fellow investors have used these exact techniques to close thousands of deals.  Before I decided to publish this E-course I ran it by some of the most hard-headed attorneys I knew and whom hadn’t seen these methods. 


In turn, a couple of these attorneys ran the methods by their title insurers who approved the techniques as viable with the caveat that the end-buyer be disclosed that the investor was using his money to fund the deal and that techniques were being used to meet the “intent” of the deed restriction.  DONE!  That’s what the documentation (Agreement) is all about….


If you aren’t convinced by now then you are a skeptic that will continue to lose deals to deed restrictions.  Some lenders are now talking about new restrictions of 360 days – how would that slow or end your buying and wholesaling deals?


As a warning, these techniques were developed to overcome deed restrictions, not seasoning requirements.  I go into some detail about seasoning requirements.  “Seasoning” is a lender’s requirement for home buyers who are attempting to get conventional loans.


 Seasoning requirements are not for investors buying and wholesaling deals to quickly flip to cash buyers.  Seasoning issues are for rehabbers who are trying to get conventional financing for their retail end-buyers.



Get your Personal Copy Here!


Now is the time to take charge of your investing career and stop being controlled by Realtors® or closing agents who don’t know what they are doing and do not care if you don’t get a deal!

Total Package Value = $991

You’ll Pay $699, $399, $299, $199 

 Now Only $177!

Grab Your Course Right Now –

PLUS All the Bonuses


I have been a real estate investor for over 36 years and used the techniques and methods described in this material.  The material you are getting is based on my personal experiences and those of other successful associates in the business.

I know that you can use one or more of these methods to achieve your personal success in doing deals and in real estate investing in general.

I am so confident of the value of the material that for the next seven (7) days I will refund 100% of your purchase price, all you have to do is show me why these methods will not work for you.



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